The Auctioneer print edition goes National (and its better for your pocket too)

17 January 2013
In 2013, Side Effects Design and Caxton Community Newspapers have combined forces to ensure The Auctioneer will appear in the main body of any of the 123 Caxton community newspapers nationwide. 


For the past 3 years, The Auctioneer has run as a supplement in a limited number of popular Caxton titles. While this option covered many bases, on occasion for outlying auctioneers, the target market was not covered. It also worked out to be an expensive option for smaller operators, who didn’t require such a large footprint. Now, the choice is up to the auctioneer, they can choose exactly which publication to go into and at what size.

And, if some advice is required, the Auctioneer team can help plan the best campaign to suit budgets and reach the right market. Side Effects Design is a full service design agency as well and can offer support with layout and design.

Not only is this option more flexible, auctioneers can also save anything from 35% – 60% on any Caxton rate they’ve received in the past. Provided that bookings are made through The Auctioneer. So, you’re getting the best possible deal to suit your advertising budget.

Don’t forget, The Auctioneer offers much, much more. The Auctioneer has a database of 53 000 subscribers that receives a weekly digital version, Auctions Weekly, a Daily Hotlist and Auction invites. And, The Auctioneer website, is the most comprehensive auction listing in South Africa. It even has a separate private treaty / mandate and development section on the site.

Now with the new national print option, The Auctioneer service offering encompasses all the best routes to market for any auction, whether its print or online, if you want an auction to be at its most visible – the Auctioneer is really the way to go.