Women in Sectional Title – Adapt to Thrive: Rethinking Sectional Title Operations in 2021

Women in Sectional Title Webinar 28012021

Date(s) - 28 Jan '21
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


If 2020 was all about adapting to the ‘new normal’, 2021 is going to be about innovation: how we evolve, enhance and expand our perception of how to live life and operate our businesses efficiently in this altered state of existence. This also counts for the sectional title industry.

In this webinar, Women in Sectional Title will turn their focus to the operations of sectional title schemes. How can we innovate? What changes are needed to improve operations and enhance efficiencies?

For their panel, they approached an experienced group of chairwomen to share their views on how a body corporate should be run in 2021.

Tune in to listen to their views and learn from their experiences on how you can improve the running of your body corporate in 2021 and beyond.

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