Sustainable Architecture Week

Date(s) - 12 Jan '21 - 15 Jan '21


Join more than 50,000 people to learn in-depth about sustainable design. Learn, share secrets, and connect online with bright minds from all over the world.

During five days, between the 11th of January and the 15th of January 2021, The Sustainable Architecture Week will present 12+ hours of free live classes. There will be hyper-focused content and Q&A sessions to help you take your practice to the next level.

11th of January – Behind the Scenes of Sustainable Projects

Discover market trends and how the construction market has been drastically changing to more sustainable criteria. We will also demonstrate case studies of our company.

12th of January – The Complete Sustainable Project Roadmap

Download and unveil the map with 10 steps to work with truly sustainable projects. With it you will be able to generate competitive advantages in sustainable projects or consultancies.

13th of January – The Best Strategies for Sustainable Projects

What are the best strategies to carry out truly sustainable projects? We will present our process, together with case studies from real people who used our method.

14th of JanuaryThe Best Sustainability Opportunities

What are the best opportunities on the market today in sustainable architecture? There are hidden opportunities, and those who are attentive to market changes will be able to obtain them.

15th of January -Event Summary + Bonuses

Discover everything that happened at the Sustainable Architecture Week and have the main questions answered. Learn all about how to get the 10-hour event certificate and unmissable bonuses.

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