SAPOA – Real Estate Investment Analysis

Date(s) - 02 Sep '19 - 06 Sep '19
12:00 am



This set of short courses have been developed to provide higher level training for participants who have been introduced to the real estate discipline at NQF 4 and NQF 5 levels. The goal is to provide higher level, more targeted training, focused on some of the fundamentals that enable performance in key business areas.

Course Content

This course aims to provide participants with the basic tools for analysing different types of real estate investments at the individual asset level.  The course covers: the concept of investments; criteria for investment analysis; the time value of money – discounting and compounding; modelling periodic growth in real estate cash flows; real estate cash flows; measuring investment performance.

Who Should Attend?

The course will benefit property practitioners who do not have Property degrees; past graduates of SAPOA programs in different aspects of the real estate business and people from different disciplinary backgrounds considering entering the profession.  If you have a National Diploma and would like to enrol in our Postgraduate Diploma programme, we would require you to pass these short courses as a condition for acceptance.


R16 850.00 (SAPOA member rate).

R21 000.00 (SAPOA non-member rate).

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