SAPOA Online Education – Introduction to Real Estate (RE) (WITS)

Date(s) - 23 Feb '21 - 12 Mar '21


The goal of this course is to introduce participants to real estate as an asset, a bundle of rights and an industry. It will also introduce them to institutions that make up the sector or whose activities affect the real estate sector.

Course outcome:

After completing the course participants should be able to:

  • Identify elements of the built environment.
  • Identify and explain the roles of the principal professions that span the conception, design, implementation and operation of the built environment
  • Explain the characteristics of real estate as an asset, a bundle of rights and a profession
  • Discuss the nature and characteristics of real estate markets
  • Analyse the rights inherent in real estate ownership and how these rights can be transferred.
  • Explain the basic components of market analysis for the different asset classes.
  • Perform real estate cash flow analysis and apply this to basic investment decisions as well as basic valuations of commercial property.
  • Distinguish between the different sources of financing real estate
  • Explain the functions and the role of property management in enhancing asset value.
  • Explain how to handle marketing and sales of different types of real estate.

Course curriculum:

  • Real estate as an asset class and an industry.
  • Residential market analysis, office and retail property market analysis.
  • Real estate property rights, fixtures and ownership.
  • Contracts, transferring real property interests and leases.
  • Negotiation, ethics and risk management in the contracting process.
  • Land use controls and property taxes.
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Risk analysis, leverage and due diligence.
  • Introduction to real estate finance.
  • Introduction to real estate investments.
  • Introduction to real estate valuation.
  • Introduction to real estate development.
  • Introduction to property management.
  • Introduction to real estate sales and marketing.

Course fee:

R17 860.00 (SAPOA member fee)

R22 260.00 (non-SAPOA member fee)

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