SAPOA Gauteng Construction Project Management Programme for Built Environment Practitioner

Date(s) - 11 Nov '19 - 13 Nov '19


Aim of the course:

The CPMP is an intensive three day course structured to serve all built environment practitioners offered in collaboration with Higher Education Institutions (HEI). CPM courses facilitated by CEA have been offered very successfully for many years. The course is aimed at people in first and middle management positions in the built environment. The content is suitable for both public sector employees and private sector practitioners.

The CPMP is structured to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of project management and the application thereof in practice. The course also covers actual work site imperatives and introduce delegates to the more innovative and novel practices in project management, making it a very practically applicable skill. On completion of the course, delegates should be able to utilise the relevant concepts when executing projects and contribute to future development of project management as a strategic tool in their workplaces.

Structure and Content:

Introduction to Project Management

  • Abbreviated comparative PM survey
  • Project management framework and context
  • General and strategic management, Business plans
  • Project management knowledge areas and processes
  • The leadership challenge

Structure of the Built Environment and Procurement Processes

  • General built environment overview and procurement processes
  • Employers, contractors and subcontractors
  • Professional consultants

Planning and Scope Management

  • Statement of work
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Work authorisation, change control and responsibilities

Procurement Management

  • Contractual procedures
  • Professional Service Agreements

Time Management

  • Gantt charts
  • Critical path and precedent networks
  • Resource and cash flow manipulations

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SAPOA Construction Project Management Programme for Built Environment Practitioners – November 2019