GreenED webinar: designing a circular economy

GreenED Designing a circular economy

Date(s) - 15 Apr '21
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


To survive and thrive, business needs to reboot to a circular, more resilient operating system. How can design and business be a primary engine of change to accelerate the transition from the linear economy – take, make, waste – to a sustainable, circular economy? 

Join GreenED’s expert guests in this session to find out how to start thinking ‘circular’ and contribute to the Circular Economy. Where can we find opportunities to rethink and redesign? And what are some of the steps that companies can take to start on this journey?

Expert presenters:

Ken Alston of Circularity Edge, the international guest, is a long-time practitioner, consultant and teacher in Cradle-to-Cradle Design thinking and advising companies on the Sustainable Circular Economy. He will introduce us to circular thinking in design and products, and then share some exciting international examples of projects that put circular thinking to work.

Sally-Anne Kasner of Circular-Vision, is a local expert providing Circular Economy strategy and design consulting. She will share insight and examples on her process of driving economic, social and environmental prosperity through connecting across the value chain; collaborating on projects; and creating new business models that respond to the circular economy principles, leading to a thriving and inclusive economy.

Digiyard, is an app-based tool developed by Arup, that has been designed from a circular economy mindset. The research and development team will share how they decided to address issues of construction waste by developing an app that would match up unused construction site materials with small scale builders and traders in the informal sector.

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