Date(s) - 01 Mar '18 - 16 Aug '18
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Institute of Estate Agents


Further Education and Training [FET] Certificate in Real Estate: NQF4 Qualification – ID 59097:
This is a ‘mandatory’ qualification for All Intern Estate Agents, registered with the EAAB after 15 July 2008

Intern Agents and private individuals, wanting to complete this qualification in the allotted time, have opted to attend ‘structured’ Classroom Training and receive facilitation from a subject matter expert, with more than thirty [30] years Real Estate Knowledge and Experience and of which, the last twenty-one [21] years has been in Training & Education.

This proven method of Classroom Training, significantly impacts on the learners ability to apply the Broad Knowledge, Skills and Values learnt, into the workplace and the Personal Experiences and Case Histories shared, gives learners a better understanding of the Curriculum covered and of the Real Estate Profession, as an integrated whole.

The Full Training Course consists of 12 Full Days of Facilitation over an approx. 6 month period and Presented in One [1] day facilitation sessions – approx twice a month.

The Content Covered is relevant to Real Estate and applicable to the Portfolio of Evidence [POE], that a learner is required to complete, in order to be found Competent and awarded the FET Certificate in Real Estate.

The Course consists of the following Learning Units:

Learning Unit 1 – The Real Estate Platform: 2 Modules
Learning Unit 2 – Real Estate Legislation: 3 Modules
Learning Unit 3 – Real Estate Generics: 6 Modules
Learning Unit 3.1 – Real Estate Practice: 2 Modules
Learning Unit 3.2 – Real Estate Valuation: 2 Modules

The Course is presented at the IEASA-WC in Pinelands [in Association with a Services Seta Accredited Training Provider]

Cost: R 11 500 [cash option]
R 12 000 [payment option plan]

Date: 1 March 2018 – 16 August 2018

Included in the course:
• Learner enrollment with SSeta
• Facilitation Notes
• 12 x 7 hour days of Facilitation
• Access to on-line Learner & Portfolio Guides & Subject Matter Material
• Assessing & Moderation of Learner Portfolio

Guide to EAAB Logbook with Full Instructure

Book Now: http://www.ieasawcape.org.za/pub/trainingevent/info/815

For payment plan options, to book or for more information contact Janine Kilian janine@cape.ieasa.org.za Tel: 021 531 3180