Africarare / AuctionInc – Metaverse Auction in Ubuntuland

Date(s) - 30 Mar '23
11:00 am

Masingita House


AuctionInc, in association with Africarare, is auctioning a 3×3 village in Ubuntuland, the world’s first-ever physical auction of virtual land in Ubuntuland. 

The village is located in the heart of Ubuntuland’s inner ring and is made up of 9 single plots, covering an area of around 144 meters squared. The property allows you to build up to 3 floors in height, with 3 experience zones, providing ample space for creativity and innovation.

The village includes gamification and access to the marketplace, allowing you to mine or sell your own digital assets and it includes a Norman Catherine art piece.

Benefits of owning land in Ubuntuland include:

  • First mover advantage and a leader in virtual and the future.
  • PR & Marketing opportunity to leverage your brand across Africa and the world.
  • Asset that appreciates value over time.
  • Create virtual experiences in the metaverse using Africarare platform (games, stores, applications).
  • Create jobs through play to earn mechanics for customers.
  • Ability to showcase new campaigns, products and services across a variety of territories.
  • Investment diversification.

Property type: Commercial

Property address: 41 West Street , Houghton Estate , Johannesburg , Gauteng

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