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The Namibian Property Association (NPA) launches

In an historic move to strengthen Namibia’s expanding property sector, the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), together with Namibian counterparts, have launched the Namibian Property Association (NPA).

This collaborative endeavor demonstrates Namibia’s property industry’s commitment to promoting growth and sustainability in the region.

Following a call to action from Namibian property owners in early 2020, SAPOA mobilised resources and experience to assist with the formation of the specialised industry association. Consultations and meetings, held throughout 2021 and 2022, culminated in its establishment in late 2023, marking a watershed moment in the history of Namibia’s real estate industry.

Recognising Namibia’s untapped property market potential, SAPOA was excited to cooperate with local players, including industry giants like Oryx Properties, Broll, and Safland, in setting up the NPA.

The NPA, modelled on SAPOA’s successful service offerings, intends to offer its members a full suite of resources and support including training programmes and webinars on research initiatives and advocacy efforts to help position the NPA to drive innovation and growth.

Given the growth, development and thriving sector, the NPA places a high value on continuing education. Our employees need to learn and expand on their existing knowledge to ensure we meet international standards. Getting involved in the NPA and becoming a member ( also means you have a chance to help advocate for our industry at government level,” comments inaugural President of the NPA and CEO of Oryx Properties, Ben Jooste. “The NPA’s shared commitment to learning and professional development strives to empower its members to navigate the intricacies of the property landscape efficiently.”

The NPA aims to build community and collaboration among Namibia’s property players, propelling the sector to new heights of success and wealth whilst ensuring that the commercial property sector has a recognised voice.”

Industry associations facilitate networking, industry updates, and growth opportunities for businesses. They function as a community, assists in networking with peers that share similar goals and interests,” says SAPOA CEO Neil Gopal.

The NPA launch was supported by the presence of major organizations such as Nedbank, RMB, Old Mutual, Namdeb, Transnamib, Atterbury Property Group, GIPF, Safland, Broll Namibia, Accelerate, Bank Windhoek, ABSA, and others.

With extensive support from the Namibian property companies, the NPA plans to be well-positioned to define Namibia’s real estate landscape for future generations by encouraging collaboration, promoting innovation, and pushing for positive change.