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SAPOA visits Gqeberha and KZN to engage with members and stakeholders

The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) President Jackie van Niekerk, CEO Neil Gopal, and Operations Manager Kgabo Moshia recently travelled to Gqeberha and KwaZulu-Natal as part of the association’s commitment to engaging with members and stakeholders across South Africa.

The aim of the visit was to foster closer ties with members, to understand their challenges, and to explore opportunities for collaboration within the industry.

The primary focus of these meetings was to gain firsthand insight into the various issues experienced by its members and to better grasp the diverse challenges faced by commercial property owners and developers in these regions.

Key highlights of the visit included collaborating with various Business Chambers on areas of mutual interest with SAPOA, recognising the importance of forging strong partnerships with local business communities.

Furthermore, SAPOA expressed its commitment to building a solid relationship with local municipalities by providing additional support to the work being done by various structures nationally. By aligning efforts, SAPOA seeks to leverage its expertise and resources to meaningfully contribute to the development and enhancement of the local property sector.

SAPOA also announced its plans to investigate the state of South Africa’s water infrastructure within some of the largest metros by identifying areas for improvement to ensure the resilience and reliability of this essential service while reiterating its commitment to strengthening relations with various City Improvement Districts (CIDs) and other bodies within the sector to mobilise support and to foster collaboration.

Business must continue to take a leadership role to foster debate and deliver solutions,” says Jackie van Niekerk. “The best results come when business and government work together, not independently. By working closely with these organisations, SAPOA aims to enhance advocacy efforts, address common challenges, and to promote the interests of commercial property owners and investors nationwide.”

Through these strategic initiatives and engagements, SAPOA reaffirms its dedication to serving as a proactive advocate and trusted partner for the commercial property sector in South Africa. As a leading body representing more than 90% of South Africa’s commercial property owners, SAPOA remains committed to driving positive change, fostering collaboration, and advancing the interests of its members and the broader industry.

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