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City of Joburg partners with Jozi My Jozi to rejuvenate the inner-city

The Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg.

The City of Johannesburg has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Jozi My Jozi, an NPO, to rejuvenate the inner-city. 

Jozi My Jozi was born from the collective efforts of corporates, NGOs, and CIDs, rallying a diverse array of stakeholders including major financial institutions and businesses and illustrating the power of public-private partnerships in driving urban revitalisation.

Under an 18-month MOU, which was signed in November 2023, the collaboration aims to inspire and to restore pride to the city involving multifaceted interventions from clean-up operations and infrastructure repairs to the installation of modern amenities including solar lighting and CCTV cameras.

The Nelson Mandela Bridge has already witnessed improvements including the installation of solar-powered lighting systems and enhanced security measures with further initiatives, such as the Gateway Programme, aiming to beautify and to enhance key entry points to the city.