Cape Town launches new platform to alleviate solar PV application influx

Mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis.

The City of Cape Town has launched its new Energy Services Applications platform to assist with the influx of solar PV installation applications.

Over 5 000 solar PV systems have been authorised to date, totalling 126 MVA with monthly applications tripling between 2021 and 2023.

The new digital system will provide a faster turnaround on permission to install a solar PV system, allowing residents to apply, track their application status, and receive approval in a shorter time frame.

Authorising solar PV systems is a safety requirement as fires and power outages can be caused by unauthorised PV systems. The City says it has already halved the wait for Permission-to-Install Letters by only accepting grid-tied SSEG systems, using City-approved inverters. It has also streamlined the process of getting inverters onto its approved list.

The new Energy Services Application portal will automate the issuing of Permission-to-Install Letters for certain types of applications such as small residential solar PV and batter systems.

The portal is integrated with the City’s databases to link property information and electrical supply data for the vetted service providers signing off the installation.

Installers, property owners, and service providers need to register on e-Services to activate the ‘Energy Services’ tile to access the applications.