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RE/MAX Commercial: Warehouse/office for sale in New Centre, Joburg

The opportunities are abundant in this versatile commercial space of 28 – 32 Laub Street, New Centre, in Johannesburg CBD. This prime location offers a range of exciting prospects including establishing a call centre, educational institute, clothing warehouse, cross-dock facility, light manufacturing, electrical wholesaler, contract packing, and merchandising storage.

With its strategic location and adaptable facilities, this property presents a wealth of possibilities for investors and businesses looking to capitalize on the vibrant business environment in Johannesburg CBD.

Price: R7 490 000

NOTE: Transaction from a VAT registered entity (VAT refundable or no transfer duty payable. VAT to be added to sales price listed.)

Property info:

  • Erf numbers: 45, 47, 49
  • Erf square meterage: 915m2, 915m2, 915m2
  • Property type: Warehouse, basement, ground floor, first floor
  • Current tenant: None
  • Property Zoning Type: Business 1
  • Region: Region F Ward 124

Size and versatility: With a total area of 6 300m2 office and warehouse space, this property offers ample space for various business activities. The warehouse, basement, ground floor, and first-floor areas provide flexibility and can accommodate different operations, whether it’s storage, manufacturing, or office spaces.

Strategic location: Situated in a prime area with good road access, the property enjoys excellent visibility and advertising opportunities. Its convenient location allows for easy transportation and accessibility for both employees and clients. Close to main transport routes for staff and access to freeway for business operations. The building’s facade is clean, presentable, and well looked after.

Development opportunities: The property’s Business 1 Zoning opens numerous development possibilities. It presents an ideal investment for those looking to establish a call centre, education institute, clothing warehousing, cross-docking facility, light manufacturing plant, electrical wholesaler, or contract packing and merchandising storage.

Power supply: The property boasts a three-phase 380V power supply, which is crucial for businesses requiring high electrical capacity. This feature allows for the efficient operation of machinery and equipment, supporting productivity and reducing downtime.

Well-equipped warehouse: The warehouse is equipped with receiving and dispatch areas, facilitating smooth logistics operations. With roller shutter doors and a mezzanine floor, the warehouse provides efficient storage solutions, goods lift in 32 Laub Street and gantry crane setups in 28-30 Laub Street and easy movement of goods within the property.

Future expansion potential: With its generous size and versatile layout, the property offers room for future expansion and growth. Whether it’s scaling up the existing operations or diversifying into new business ventures, this property provides the space and flexibility to accommodate future needs.

Established infrastructure: The property features, tar surfaces, and walled boundaries, ensuring a well-maintained and secure environment. The roof is in fantastic condition. Additionally, the presence of shade ports, burglar bars, and security measures adds an extra layer of protection. There is a network column installed in 32 Laub Street and a Server Room. Fire safety has been provided for.

Existing utilities: With water supply lines, electricity meters, and telecommunications infrastructure already in place, the property offers convenience and cost savings for potential buyers. These utilities have been subdivided, allowing for easy management and control of usage.

Warehouse details:

  • Warehouse floor area: 5 300m2
  • Warehouse receiving area: Yes
  • Warehouse dispatch area: Yes
  • Warehouse offices: Yes
  • Number of warehouse offices: 5
  • Total warehouse office area: 120m2
  • Number of receiving doors: 2
  • Receiving door sizes; 3 800mm x 3 200mm
  • Receiving door types: Roller shutter
  • Number of dispatch doors: 2
  • Dispatch door sizes: 3 800mm x 3 200mm
  • Dispatch door types: Roller shutter
  • Warehouse mezzanine floor: Yes (64m2)
  • Warehouse yard space: 490m2
  • Warehouse yard type: Paved
  • Eve height: 3 005mm
  • Warehouse roof height: 3 005mm
  • Staff amenities: Staff canteen, change rooms, showers, ablutions.

Fire safety review:

  • Fire extinguishers on the property: No (purchaser to provide)
  • Number of fire reels: 4
  • Council fire water line on the property: No (one supply on main water line)
  • Smoke detectors installed: Yes (Building 1, 32 Laub Street)
  • Smoke and fire alarms installed: Yes (Building 1, 32 Laub Street)
  • Fire sprinkler system installed: Yes (Building 1, 32 Laub Street)
  • Fire water storage tank installed: No
  • Fire water pump system installed: No
  • Last service date for fire reels and extinguishers: 2021
  • Last service date for fire sprinkler and water pump system: 2021

Interested in this property? Contact Ken de Melo, Sales Associate at RE/MAX Commercial ( / +27 71 498 9905) for more information.