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RE/MAX Commercial: residential/commercial development property for sale in Birnam, Gauteng

This high value residential development opportunity stands as a testament to responsible urban development. Beyond providing living spaces, it contributes to addressing the pressing housing need while embracing diversity, offering convenience through smart parking solutions, and enhancing the quality of live through a prime location. As the demand for urban housing continues to rise, developments like this demonstrate the potential for well-conceived residential projects to shape thriving and sustainable communities.

Price: R30 million excl. VAT.

NOTE: Transaction from a VAT Registered Entity – VAT refundable or NO TRANSFER DUTY payable. VAT to be added to sales price listed.

Property overview:

  • Property type: vacant land/plot
  • Erf size: 2 999m2
  • GLA (Gross Lettable Area): 11 182m2
  • GLB (Gross Leasable Area): 13 253m2
  • Type of development: residential
  • Road access: via Fort and Corlette Drive
  • Tenant mix: 148 units spread over 7 levels
  • Parking: 266 parking bays
  • Street level: 2 x underground levels

Strategic location:

This residential development opportunity’s standout features are its strategic location. Situated within walking distance of both Melrose Arch and the Wanderers Stadium, residents enjoy unparalleled accessibility to an array of amenities. Melrose Arch’s commercial and entertainment offerings, including shopping, dining, and leisure activities, provide residents with a vibrant urban experience. The proximity to the Wanderers Stadium adds a unique dimension, allowing sports enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the excitement of major sporting events without needing to travel far from home.

Addressing the housing need:

This residential development opportunity plays a crucial role in addressing the ever-growing need for housing in the thriving Sandton area of Gauteng. As urbanization continues to shape our cities, well-planned residential developments help bridge the gap between housing demand and supply. With 148 units thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse range of lifestyles, this development contributes significantly to providing comfortable and modern living spaces for families, professionals, and individuals seeking quality accommodation.

Residential diversity:

The essence of this residential development lies in its diverse unit offerings spread across seven levels. With a comprehensive mix of unit sizes and configurations, ranging from cozy one-bedroom apartments to spacious three-bedroom units, this development caters to a wide spectrum of residents. This range ensures that individuals and families of varying sizes can find a living space that aligns with their needs and preferences.

Parking solutions:

It addresses the often-challenging issue of urban parking with its smart parking solutions. The allocation of 266 parking bays across street level and two underground levels ensures that residents have convenient and secure parking options, alleviating the stress commonly associated with urban parking constraints.

Bulk services:

The Quantity Supplier has provided the following cost estimates for the landlord when considering residential development:

  • Electrical – available in the area but cost will depend on the type of development (to be confirmed by the developer’s Quantity Surveyor.)
  • Water and sewerage: R660 000.00 excl. VAT.
  • Public open spaces: R4 000 000.00 (this amount is allowed for the 7-storey residential development recreation areas).
  • Stormwater and road: R3 900 000.00 (this amount is allowed for the 7-storey residential development recreation areas).
  • Re-zoning, EIA, HIA, traffic studies – R150 000.00 (this amount is allowed for the 7-storey residential development recreation areas).

Interested in this property? Contact Ken de Melo, Sales Associate at RE/MAX Commercial ( / +27 71 498 9905) for more information.