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Redefine’s Brackengate 2 Precinct grows with R64.5m facility in development

The Herholdt’s Group, a national supplier of sustainable energy solutions, is expanding at Redefine Properties’ Brackengate 2 Business Park in the northern suburbs, Cape Town.

A joint venture (JV) development between Redefine and VDMV Property, Brackengate 2 is situated where the R300 converges with Bottelary Road next to Stikland and Brackenfell.

Established during 2016, the JV converted unproductive farmland to serviced industrial- and business-zoned stands. The Brackengate 2 project included the upgrade of Cilmor Road bridge that crosses over the R300 to link Cecil Morgan Drive to La Belle Road; development of the on- and off-ramps linking Bottelary Road to the R300, and the upgrade of the Kuilsriver river course that runs through the Stikland portion of the development. The City of Cape Town has played an integral role in the success achieved at the business park so far.

The Heroldt’s Group development, which represents a R64.5 million investment by Redefine and VDMV, is the newest addition to the precinct and will be completed during the first quarter of 2024. Comprising 4 927m2 warehousing and 820m2 office space, the development is enrolled for a Level 1 EDGE certification, which targets a 20% reduction in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. Nestled between Planet Fitness and Brights Hardware, its prime position gives exposure to the Bottelary Road intersection with Cecil Morgan Drive.   

The remaining three portions available for development at Brackengate 2 measure 2.2-hectares, 1.9-hectares, and 0.98-hectares. Once these stands are committed, the Brackengate 2 precinct will be completely developed, in line with its original ten-year plan.

The Brackengate 2 JV offers Cape Town businesses world-class spaces, aligned with the City of Cape Town’s climate change and sustainability energy objectives. Redefine is participating in the City of Cape Town’s first electricity wheeling pilot project that is enabling commercial entities to sell electricity back to the City’s grid by undertaking a 5.5MWp solar wheeling project on the roof of its wholly owned Massmart Distribution Centre at Brackengate 2.

The wheeling project design, with an estimated capital expenditure of R86 million, is being finalised for implementation during 2024 and is expected to take around 60 weeks to complete. It is anticipated that the project will wheel 8.8 million KWh (8.8GWh) to the national grid annually while saving 9.394 tonnes of carbon emissions.