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KZN’s North Coast property market flourishes as demand continues to soar

The property market on KwaZulu-Natal’s (KZN) North Coast is thriving, fuelled by a significant surge in demand for residential properties as the region attracts more people. Between 2011 and February 2023, Ballito’s adult population has seen substantial growth of 106%, while Salt Rock has experienced a remarkable 117% increase. This trend is further bolstered as the region currently welcomes between 45 and 65 families monthly. Anchored by its idyllic coastal charm and scenic beauty, the region’s remarkable growth can be attributed to a combination of factors, including top-tier schools, premium estate living, and an abundance of family-friendly facilities.

Among the leading developments driving this growth is Lalela Estate, the latest venture by Collins Residential. Known for their success with renowned developments like Zululami and Seaton Estates, Collins Residential brings their expertise to Lalela Estate, crafting an extraordinary neighbourhood experience with a focus on nostalgia, family values, and fostering close-knit connections within a secure and affordable estate environment.

Geoff Perkins, Head of Residential Projects at Collins Residential, comments “The North Coast has always held immense potential for growth, and Lalela Estate is at the forefront of fulfilling that potential. We are witnessing a remarkable demand for our homes, driven by the unique sense of community, the amenities and sustainability features we offer.”

Amenities that enrich and inspire

Lalela Estate presents a comprehensive array of amenities that enrich the lives of its residents, ensuring that every moment is filled with joy and excitement. For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, the estate offers scenic walking and running trails that wind through the lush green hills and coastal forests, providing an invigorating escape amidst nature’s beauty.

At the heart of the community lies the vibrant clubhouse, featuring a dedicated kids’ club, a family pool, and a welcoming braai area, creating a perfect setting for social gatherings and leisurely afternoons spent with loved ones. For sports enthusiasts, well-maintained tennis courts, cricket nets, and a putt-putt course provide ample opportunities for friendly competition and amusement. The estate features a thrilling skate park, providing hours of fun and entertainment. The adjacent Manor House Venue, with its iconic white gables, stands as a cherished centrepiece within the community. It plays host to a wide variety of significant events, bespoke dinner clubs, bustling markets, lively festivals, and captivating concerts, further fostering a vibrant sense of togetherness.

Perkins continues, “Lalela Estate is the perfect fusion of a traditional estate and an authentic neighbourhood experience. By implementing ‘lane architecture’ and cul-de-sacs, the development enables small communities to thrive within the greater estate, promoting a strong sense of connection while ensuring privacy and security. Living at Lalela means being part of a vibrant neighbourhood where life revolves around family and friends.”

Amidst lush green hills, expansive wetlands, and coastal forests, Lalela Estate is setting new standards for sustainable development, with approximately 50% of the estate dedicated to green spaces. “Sustainability is a core value of the development team,” says Perkins. “Each freestanding home is equipped with a rainwater harvesting tank, gas geyser, gas hob, and all units are inverter-ready for emergency backup electricity during power outages. We are committed to creating a community that embraces environmental consciousness while providing a truly exceptional living experience.”

The promise of an idyllic community-centric environment with a quintessential neighbourhood feel, complemented by a wide array of amenities, has already captured the hearts of prospective homeowners. Offering five custom-designed, single-story architectural home designs, each with a private garden. Lalela Estate presents an incredible opportunity to own a home that exceeds expectations, with the added benefit of not incurring transfer duty or conveyancing fees.

With the first transfers of land just around the corner, Lalela Estate is on the verge of creating a truly extraordinary neighbourhood that embraces the values of family, belonging, and sustainability. The developers are thrilled to announce that their promise of excellence is becoming a reality, and they remain committed to delivering a residential haven at an affordable price point.

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