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Attacq’s Waterfall City launches latest logistic development with three new warehouses

Attacq Limited has launched its latest logistics development comprising of three new warehouses and ancillary offices centrally located within the Waterfall City Logistics Hub.

In a response to both the scarcity and growing demand for quality, affordable logistics space and the success of a similar concept completed in the Waterfall City Logistics Hub in 2019, the development features best-in-class design and functionality.

The development includes cutting-edge warehouses ranging from 4 400m2 to 5 319m2, combining convenience, accessibility, and sustainable practices.

The development offers attractive specifications with sustainability featuring at the forefront of its modern design.

Several practical initiatives that will reduce the three warehouse’s carbon footprint include energy-efficient LED lighting, performance glass for reduced HVAC usage, low-flow sanitary fittings to minimise water consumption and warehouse roofing designed for solar panel installation to promote clean and sustainable energy generation.

Furthermore, the usage of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints, recycled steel, dual flush actuators for toilets, rainwater harvesting compatibility, and a four-day backup water supply align with Attacq’s water resilient strategy and initiatives.

The warehouses will extend the logistics hub by a total estimated gross lettable area (GLA) of 14 641m² and scheduled for completion by February 2024.