Octodec launches the HealthConnect Medical Centre

A render of the HealthConnect Medical Centre.

Octodec Investments Limited has launched a redevelopment initiative for the vacant Ina Building situated on the corner of Sisulu and Francis Baard Streets in the City of Tshwane.

Previously utilized for archiving purposes, the building’s strategic location next to the Louis Pasteur Medical Centre presented a unique opportunity to establish a “symbiotic relationship” between the two structures through the need for additional medical suites in the existing medical centre.

The renovation of the five-storey building will primarily focus on accommodating doctors and healthcare professionals by introducing medical suites in the adjacent – but connected – building and it will encompass both exterior and interior enhancements with the ground floor remaining dedicated to retail space while the upper floors will be transformed into modern medical suites comprising of reception areas and consultation rooms.

Physical links will be established between the Louis Pasteur Medical Centre and the Ina Building on the first and fourth floors, ensuring connectivity and convenience.

We are thrilled to launch the renovation project for the Ina Building, which evidences our deep-rooted commitment to create thriving communities and address the evolving healthcare needs of the surrounding areas. By collaborating with the Louis Pasteur hospital, we aim to create a hub of medical excellence that fosters a warm and comforting environment for patients,” commented Jeffrey Wapnick, Managing Director of Octodec Investments Limited.

The extensive upgrade will encompass several key elements among which will be the creation of reception and waiting areas. To improve the overall appeal of the building, the perimeter public space and façade will undergo a thorough refurbishment.