Redefine launches ‘Cash4Trash’ initiative with reverse vending machines

Redefine Properties has partnered with Cash4Trash (C4T) on revolutionary reverse vending machines using 4IR to provide an automated method for collecting, sorting, and handling the return of used beverage containers for recycling or reuse.

C4T was the winning concept of the REIT’s first Innovation Challenge, and following development and support from Redefine, the concept will be piloted at Redefine’s head office in West Street, Sandton.

We are extremely thrilled to launch this exciting opportunity today, which has recycling and a clean future at its core. This is in line with Redefine’s vision to put the environment at the heart of everything we do,” said Redefine CEO, Andrew König.

It is also especially pleasing to see our first Innovation Challenge winner being able to bring their superb idea into the market and we look forward to watching it take root and help SA stay clean and green.”  

C4T has already recycled 150 000 aluminium cans and 10 000 glass bottles by promoting and enabling the green economy by facilitating recycling and reuse in Africa. C4T was officially born in 2019 when CEO, Mary-Ann Mandishona pitched the eco conscious idea at the first Redefine Innovation Challenge at Maponya Mall in Soweto. The income-generating recycling initiative is aimed at empowering communities for a sustainable future. The machines also shift the financial responsibility of dealing with plastic waste to the producer, while incentivizing consumers to recycle.

Mandishona said C4T’s vision is to transform Africa into a wealthy, green, self-sustainable continent by economically empowering marginalised communities with innovative eco-technology. “Incentivising our communities with green rewards or digital cash is what will empower our unemployed youth to get out there and collect bottles. This is about community employment creation.”

The RVM machine is designed to take beverage containers, specifically glass and plastic bottles and aluminium cans. The glass and plastic bottles as well as cans are then placed with the bottom facing into the receptacle hole into the machine. The RVM will automatically take in or reject (if there is no barcode) the bottle.

Digital rewards will be displayed on the screen instantly. When you have finished, the RVM will ask you on the screen if you want to Redeem or Donate. Touch the button you want and then put your cell phone number. Then press finish – it’s as easy as that,” explained Mandishona. 

Recyclers then receive a text on their devices with prompts on how to download the Cash 4 Trash SA APP (iOS and Android) to redeem their digital rewards. These can be sent to friends or family or spent at any major Retailer (Checkers, Game, Makro, Vodacom, MTN, Pick and Pay etc). The app maintains e-wallet balances and provides ‘green’ data analytics of what and how much a user has recycled. 

With the world in desperate need of sustainable green solutions, we all need to take that extra step and do our part. Let’s get recycling today and rewarded in the process,” concluded König.