YIPA and SHRA sign MOU to promote youth participation in the social housing sector

Lwandle Matsinya

The Youth in Property Association (YIPA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) to advance the transformation agenda within the social housing sector by empowering youth to initiate and manage accredited Social Housing Institutions and ‘Other Delivery Agents’.

The MOU will be practically implemented and measured through a cooperative plan that clearly outlines activities as well as timeframes that will be implemented as part of the partnership.

The partnership will also seek to promote social housing as a professional route amongst the youth.

This programme will offer young people opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the social housing sector and provide a platform to develop their skills. YIPA will prioritize representing the interests of its members in engagements with SHRA. Both organisations will avail internal resources to implement joint programmes and initiatives, with a project task team overseeing the implementation of the collaboration.

As the SHRA, we look forward to this partnership as part of a vibrant social housing sector, one where the youth are actively involved and empowered,” says SHRA Sector Development and Transformation (SD&T) Executive, Dewalt Koekemoer.

Social housing is one of the best available tools to increase residential integration and build homes that transform people’s lives,” said Lwandle Matsinya, YIPA Chairperson.

We are excited about this partnership as it helps us to actively work towards achieving our goals in this sector. YIPA will further look to support its members who are seeking to participate and venture in social housing.”

The signing of this MOU marks an important milestone in our efforts to transform the social housing sector and create meaningful opportunities for young people in South Africa. We look forward to working closely together to implement these initiatives and create tangible outcomes that will benefit our communities.”