Emira Property Fund declares a 17.4% interim dividend increase

CEO of Emira Property Fund, Geoff Jennett.

Emira Property Fund has published its unaudited consolidated interim financial results for the six months ended December 2022, reporting an increase in its distributable earnings of 15% to R378.7 million and declaring an interim dividend of 66.43 cents per share (December 2021: 56.59 cents) – a period-on-period increase of 17.4%.

The REIT’s headline earnings per share increased by 30.3% to 74.66 cents (December 2021: 57.29 cents) with its earnings per share having increased by 82.8% to 117.04 cents (December 2021: 64.02 cents).

Its directly held portfolio revenue increased by 16.3% to R840 million against the R722 million from the comparative period with its net asset value per share having increased by 10% to 1 694.6 cents (December 2021: 1 540.5 cents).