Stor-Age REIT announces secondary listing on A2X

Stor-Age, Claremont, Cape Town.
Stor-Age, Claremont, Cape Town.

Stor-Age REIT has been approved for a secondary listing on A2X Markets with its shares available to trade on A2X from the 27th of September 2022.

With a market cap of approximately R6.5 billion, it will retain its listing on the JSE, and its issued share capital will be unaffected by its secondary listing on A2X.

Our secondary listing on A2X complements our primary listing on the JSE, providing our shareholders with the benefit of an additional platform on which to trade the Company’s shares, added liquidity, narrower spreads and lower exchange fees” comments Stor-Age CEO, Gavin Lucas.

The listing will bring the number of instruments available for trade on A2X to 72, with a combined market cap of approximately R5.3 trillion.

Stor-Age’s share price closed at R6.49 billion yesterday (19th September 2022).