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Finding balance: Celebrating Women’s Month with SAPOA & Women’s Property Network

Sakina Nosarka

You aren’t perfect. All you can be is your best. Be your best at work, be your best at home Even if you can’t spend the time you want, in an aspect of your life, be your best when you are in it. Be in harmony” – Bill Gentry, Centre for Creative Leadership.

SAPOA and Women’s Property Network recently celebrated Women’s Month with 200 female professionals from the real estate industry at two glamorous High Teas in Johannesburg, sponsored by Attacq Limited, and Cape Town, sponsored by Old Mutual Property.

Under the theme ‘Finding Balance’, Johannesburg-based Helen Nicholson, the ‘Networking Queen’ and Chief Excitement Officer of the Networking Company, spoke about ‘Mindfulness: How to Stay Sane in an Insane World’ in celebration of her newly published book.

In Cape Town, Thrivalist Life Coach, Collette Merritt, addressed the audience about burnout and how to work towards finding balance in the world.

As go-getters, doers, dynamic women – and perfectionists – being a driven personality type does set us up for burn out at some stage in our lives. I believe, with every fibre of my being, that working with our strengths and growth opportunities will be the road to our success”, said Collette. 

In order to ‘burnout proof’ yourself, you need to know what your triggers are; what’s pushing you to the last straw? You need to be able to recognize your patterns – how often are you skipping lunch and how often are you working late? Plan, prioritize and set boundaries”.

Looking back twenty years, we would never have been able to fill a room with 100 women in senior or leadership positions in this industry. It is a great testament to all the women, and what they have achieved, sitting in this room today”, said Sakina Nosarka, newly elected CEO of Old Mutual Property.

Value is at the heart of finding balance for me. As a women driven by values, I look to them as a navigation tool to help me through my day. As CEO, my commitment to the success of my team and everything that I do does not waiver after hours or on weekends when it comes to my personal life where I am a very proud mom and wife. There is no doubt that my values help me to experience first-hand life and they have been the primary entrants into each experience that I have encountered. I am so excited to see what we can still achieve as I have entered this new role.

Finding a balance sounds simple yet esoteric to others but as we all know, no matter our roles, balance is essential. How we pursue it is the journey filled with life shaping lessons. Some of these lessons we will remember the bad, in the hope that these will help us evolve as they have impacted my life but also empower those coming up as I try to do in my daily role with my incredible team. Finding balance is subjective, tailored to your palate and what works for you may not work for me but the fact that I tried, and it brought me closer to what I felt is balance, a more harmonious way of living and working, is of immense value”.

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