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Civil engineering sector records biggest job loss in the industry between 2011-2020

According to StatsSA’s latest Construction Industry Report, 11 000 construction jobs were lost between 2011 (484 000) and 2020 (473 000) with the biggest losses recorded in the construction of civil engineering structures (-31 000) and site preparation (-9 000). However, there was a significant gain in other building completions (+39 000).

118 000 jobs were lost between the end of June 2017 and June 2020

The total number of persons employed at the end of 2020 (473 000) decreased by 20% compared with those employed at the end of June 2017 (592 000). A large decrease in employment for civil engineering structures (-89 000) and buildings (-18 000) was reported.

Total income decreased by 7.1% between 2017 (R470 billion) and 2020 (R437 billion). Comparing 2017 and 2020, a large decrease was reported for civil engineering structures (-R59 billion)

However, large increases were reported for buildings (+R18 billion) and other building completions (+R7 billion) over the same period. Between 2011 and 2020, civil engineering structures lost the biggest percentage share of income (-14 percentage points from 43% in 2011 to 29% in 2020) but buildings gained the biggest percentage share of income at +8 percentage points from 23% in 2011 to 31% in 2020.

Civil engineering works, building installation and the completion and construction of buildings contributed 69% of total income from services (R406 billion)

Income from services rendered in 2020 was R406 billion. Civil engineering works contributed 24% to the total, building installation and completion contributed 22%, non-residential buildings contributed 12%, and residential buildings contributed 11%. Large decreases between 2017 and 2020 were reported for work subcontracted out (-R21 billion), civil engineering works (-R16 billion) and rental of construction equipment with driver/operator (-R5 billion).