Tanzania offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build your own private safari sanctuary

Situated in one of Tanzania’s most breath-taking natural landscapes on a 10 000-acre private reserve, Osero Safari Club offers investors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build their own ultra-luxurious hideaway in a pristine location complete with luxury amenities and services.

Nestled between key majority routes and bordering wildlife management areas, the vast open space is unfenced.

It’s a truly unique opportunity to build a private retreat that will fulfil your wildest dreams; one which is not only tailored to meet your family’s personal lifestyle needs, but which is also in seamless harmony with the stunning natural landscape,” says Grahame Diedericks, Manager in Midrand for Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty.

There are only 20, ten-acre lots available which makes this opportunity extremely exclusive. It also holds to the vision of the developers, apropos understated luxury, peace, serenity, privacy, and the return to nature. For some, it is also about building a legacy for future generations”.  

With 20% of the units already sold, we have received an impressive increase in global enquiries for Osero Safari Club with a heightened interest in Africa as a destination”.

The return to travel in the post-pandemic world has increased the appeal of an iconic destination and feedback from our international affiliates is that their clientele is looking to diversify their investments and with Africa presenting the uniqueness of opportunities that embrace legacy building, the conservation approach is becoming a major drawcard.”

The holistic design approach is one that enjoys the collaborative pursuit of building towards a vision of connecting people with the land.

Buyers are welcome to appoint their own architects or, if they prefer, they also have full access to the developer’s trusted partners who will work closely with them to bring their vision to fruition,” says Diedericks.

He adds that design guidelines have been developed to ensure the integrity of the community and surrounding wilderness of the reserve and all properties will be run on sustainable energy sources, offering, and necessitating a conservation approach in both design and operation.

The private airstrip has already been completed making Osero easy to access in addition to being well placed for Members to embark on unique African adventures, serving as a base for exploration to the natural wonders that fill this land.

Osero Safari Club, however, is much more than a sustainable luxury residential development in a beautiful location,” says Diedericks, “it’s an exclusive private members community complete with 5-star luxury onsite amenities which includes a 24/7 concierge service to ensure that residents enjoy their time on property without sacrifice”.

Other world-class facilities include a Safari Lodge and lounge with five guest rooms for visitors, a full treatment spa, a gourmet restaurant, a wine cellar with cellar dining, two in-ground pools, a spa/hot tub built into the natural rock formations and a tennis court.

Offering numerous outdoor adventure activities with the opportunity to spot the best of Africa’s wildlife there is an abundance of a la carte services and activities for residents to enjoy.

The developer’s core motivation was for Osero to be an authentic space that naturally balances a mission for conservation and an immersive experience in luxury hospitality.

As a family, we have respected and loved Tanzania for generations and an abundance of natural connections anchor our hearts to the land and our spirit to the preservation of the wildlife”.

It was crucial for us to create a new singular voice for Osero which championed its natural beauty, while maintaining a commitment to conservation; a respect for this land today so that it may be loved for many tomorrows.”

The 10,000-acre private reserve was purchased to reclaim farmland that was cutting off migratory routes to Wildlife Management areas and today, this pristine parcel of land allows an abundance of wildlife to thrive.

Open fences and corridors facilitate safe passages for animals to travel according to their instinctive migrations and regular patrols ensure the active protection of any wildlife-human conflict.

To this end, their design and development vision has been to create spaces to allow connections to flourish and elevate the moments that matter most whilst sharing an ethos of conservation and reverence for this land.

Osero naturally invites members to build with interiors orientated to the breath-taking views and optimising natural light to shape guests’ experience of space while experiencing the modern African aesthetic and conveniences needed to live, work, and play naturally.

We are witnessing an increase in demand for homes that act as true retreats; remote and enchanting escapes that ensure the stressors of everyday life quickly recede into blissful oblivion,” concludes Diedericks.