R200m mixed-use development in Knysna underway

A render of Kunjani Mall Concordia.

Property developers, Latitude Properties, in a joint venture with EPCM Holdings, a global oil and gas engineering and product development firm, are set to launch a new 4 500m2 shopping mall in Concordia, Knysna, later this year.

The mall forms part of the Kunjani initiative, a pipeline of township and rural property developments that aims to create a portfolio of schemes that will be interlinked in terms of name, branding, and social interaction.

Phase 1 of the Kunjani Mall Concordia will bring shopping convenience to the underserviced area while Phase 2 will add a further retail component with a strong focus on quality affordable housing and community-centric amenities such as a co-working space, day clinic, action soccer fields, as well as a local ECD centre.

National retailers Shoprite, Ackermans, and Pep, have confirmed tenancy in Phase 1.

We are extremely excited about our new multi-functional Kunjani concept developments. By creating more equitable developments with more cohesive, inclusive spaces, we are making townships better places for residents. The Kunjani Concordia development in Knysna will play a key role in enhancing the neighbourhood fabric, and importantly contribute to job creation. While it is estimated that at least 200 builders and labourers will be involved in the construction of the development, it will also yield at least 100 permanent jobs on completion”, commented CEO and retail developer Harry Pretorius.

We have also made allowance to support informal traders and smaller retailers with the space, so our approach is very much a collaborative one that will stimulate the entire area and have a positive social impact.”

Construction of the Kunjani Mall in Concordia has started while 3 more sites have already been secured.