TOD’s HERO app paves a post-pandemic path for on-call tradespeople

Tradespeople on Demand (TOD)’s newly released, free-to-download HERO app ensures that for tradespeople, and their clients, ‘life happens’ moments are taken care of instantaneously.

A one-stop business management tool in the pocket of on-call trade specialists, the HERO app ensures a smoother working life, and most importantly, more job requests.

The TOD HERO app really is like an Uber for people who need plumbers, handymen, locksmiths, and electricians in real time”, says TOD CEO and Founder, Shannon Mackrill. “Lockdown left a lot of tradespeople without work and many smaller companies had to shut down, even though geysers kept bursting and homes still needed fixing”.

In other words, the work was still there but smaller operators did not have access to market and thus, they could not connect with customers needing their services”.

TOD wants to be the voice of small businesses and entrepreneurs, by offering them access to market via our business management tool. We provide credibility, and, in doing so, help them to grow their businesses”, he adds.

New business management features in the app prioritise simplicity, direct connection, and cashless payment. Now, tradespeople can email personal job quotes, have them approved, generate invoices, and send them on to clients – all in-app. The same applies for diary management of TOD jobs, private work, and reminders which syncs perfectly into an intuitive diary management tool that allows clients to book and to schedule services in advance.  

The new app includes add-ons such as GPS tracking, photo sharing, detailed job card descriptions, tool suggestions and an in-app chat function.

Mackrill says the aim of the TOD HERO platform is to provide work and opportunities for tradespeople with an innovative tool to conduct and manage back-office work.

The vision behind TOD is simple. We care about our tradespeople, and we have come up with an app that spreads the love. At its heart, it connects customers to credible tradespeople based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Durban, on-demand or at a future date, 24/7/365. Add to that, TOD’s ability to develop and manage the world’s largest connected tradesperson workforce, and what you have is a powerful tool to empower individuals to manage and grow their own businesses.”

The reimagined HERO app is the result of years of extensive research aimed at understanding what Mackrill calls tradespeople’s ‘pain points’ and how they relate to customer needs.

Collaboration with companies such as Vodacom and Builders has ensured credibility and is helping to achieve the company’s aim of capturing a large percentage of tradespersons operating in South Africa.