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National house price inflation marks second consecutive month under 5%

The national year-on-year house price inflation of 4.76% marks a second consecutive month under 5%. Inflation continues to grow across most of South Africa, with the exceptions being the North West which has come in lower and Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal which have both remained steady.

Inflation in the ‘Low Value’ segment continues to outgrow that of its higher value counterparts, with prices currently rising at 10.7%, almost double the growth of the ‘Mid Value’ segment (5.4%).

National inflation

Provincial inflation

The Lightstone Provincial Index tracks annual inflation of all provinces in South Africa:

Current inflation provincial status

Municipal inflation

The Lightstone Municipal Index tracks annual inflation at a municipal level, with coastal and inland based municipalities reviewed independently:

Property inflation: coast versus non-coast

The Lightstone Coast vs Non-Coast Index compares property located within enumerator areas 500m of the coastline to those located further inland:

Property inflation: freehold versus sectional title

Property inflation: value bands

The Lightstone Area Value Bands Index reviews inflationary rates for property based on the following values:

Luxury: > R1.5 million

High Value: R700 000 to R1.5 million

Mid Value: R250 000 to R700 000

Low Value: <R250 000

Inflation table

The Annual Inflation Table (below) provides a long term view of annual rates of inflation for various geographical areas and property types. Please note that historic inflation rates can change as transactions occur that imply price inflation for those periods: