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What’s the deal with salaries and bonuses? Largest real estate salary survey launches in South Africa

M&C Global Salary Survey SA Launch (Oct 2021)

The largest global salary survey for real estate and built environment professionals has launched.

For the first time, the annual Macdonald & Company Salary, Rewards & Attitude Survey has been extended to South Africa and surrounding Sub-Saharan countries where the real estate industry has seen a resounding level of growth, development, and employment.

We are excited to finally bring our international offering of salary benchmarking to the African continent” comments Julie Teague, Managing Director of Macdonald & Company, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Very few days have passed where we aren’t asked to give earnings advice to clients and candidates alike; and while our many years of experience has allowed us to give some informed advice, providing unequivocal data is in everyone’s best interest”.

Now in its 22nd year, the 5-minute, comprehensive survey captures remuneration and employment package data across the real estate industry to enable professionals and hiring managers in benchmarking salaries and bonuses within their professions.

The results are compiled into an online report that displays average salaries as well as gauging the views and opinions of those employed in several other sectors including listed property funds, property development, architecture, and design, as well as construction.

Previous response rates from across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East have totaled circa. 10 000 responses which is combined with salary data from Macdonald & Company’s database of 250 000 candidates internationally.

While 2020-2021’s report focused on the changing attitudes of real estate professionals (with a direct comparison of views captured pre- and post-Covid-19) as well as highlighting average gender pay gaps by ethnic backgrounds, the 2021-2022 report (to be launched in February 2022) will circle back to salary and bonuses at the core, and the lasting impact of remuneration and working patterns where the real estate industry has seen an unparalleled shift.

Much has changed since the start of 2021 – and that includes the salaries, rewards, and how we work in real estate” says Peter Moore, Global CEO of Macdonald & Company.

In over two decades, this year’s survey has never been more significant as we discover and analyse the dramatic changes in how we work, how we are rewarded, and what real estate professionals are seeking from their current employer or, from a new employer”.