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Teraco completes its JB3 data centre facility in Ekurhuleni

JB3 data centre facility, located within the Isando Campus in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg.
JB3 data centre facility, located within the Isando Campus in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg.

Teraco Data Environments, Africa’s largest vendor-neutral data centre and interconnection services provider, has completed the multi-billion-rand JB3 data centre facility located within the Isando Campus in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg.

The facility represents a strategic addition to Platform Teraco, offering enterprises a scalable platform for IT structure deployment while sustaining performance, reliability, security, and the widest network choice. JB3 comprises of 45 000m2 of building structure, 12 000m2 of data hall space and 29MW of critical power load. When combined with the existing Isando Campus facilities, the critical power load totals 40MW across the campus data centre footprint with room for expansion.

CEO of Teraco, Jan Hnizdo, says the latest Isando Campus expansion meets the growing demand by both cloud providers and enterprises for data centre capacity, enabling Teraco to offer highly resilient and secure colocation facilities while working towards ensuring its long-term vision of enabling digital transformation across the African continent.

This investment also aligns with the support we pledged to the South African Government’s investment drive and our commitment to investing billions of Rands into South Africa’s digital infrastructure. As the leading interconnection hub across the continent, Teraco has over 600 clients, including key networks, cloud providers, global content, managed IT service providers, and direct access to Africa’s largest Internet exchange, NAPAfrica; within its multitude of data centres.”

With over 200 telcos within Platform Teraco providing connectivity to Africa, Hnizdo says that enterprises are now accelerating their digital transformation strategies and placing a greater focus on cloud adoption strategies: “Teraco is making significant investments in providing access to digital infrastructure that is both resilient and highly flexible. This offers enterprises the ability to scale as network strategies evolve in a world where fast and secure interconnection with strategic business partners and cloud on-ramps are a source of competitive advantage.”

Platform Teraco provides the lowest latency interconnection points to both cloud and content. With a direct private connection to all leading cloud providers, enterprises can deploy in the most latency efficient, secure, and resilient manner possible. Enterprises can also deploy their public, private and hybrid cloud strategies from the Teraco platform and significantly reduce the time and cost to access these cloud platforms.

Hnizdo says Teraco has continued to see growth in cloud adoption strategies making its role significant for those who need access to robust digital infrastructure.

Our clients use the data centre to scale their IT infrastructure, adopt hybrid and multi-cloud architectures and interconnect with strategic business partners within the Teraco ecosystem. Over the last year, we have seen a 48% increase in direct interconnects to public cloud on-ramps, reflecting the increasing trend of cloud adoption by enterprises.”