News Women's Month 2021

Sumenthree Moodley, L2D: pioneering the listed property space

Sumenthree Moodley, Analysis and Investor Relations Executive, Liberty Two Degrees.

Sumenthree Moodley is a CFA Charterholder with a background in equity analysis and investment management.

Following positions with the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and Absa Asset Management, Sumenthree was in search of that ‘next step’ that would broaden her career knowledge and extend her capabilities and in 2017, she joined retail-focused REIT, Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) as a property analyst. Shortly afterwards, she was promoted to Head of Analysis and in late 2019, she was invited to join the company’s Exco team. The role of Investor Relations Head was subsequently added to her responsibilities, Sumenthree’s title as of 2021 is effectively Analysis and Investor Relations Executive

When the opportunity to join L2D became available, I thought it was the right fit for me, at the right time. I joined the L2D team with experience as a buy-side equity analyst where I covered food producers such as Tiger Brands, retailers including Pick n Pay and Woolworths as well as the listed property sector. I wanted to see what the other side of property entailed. Delving into the operations of a REIT, involves understanding the many different things that take place in the background, and I believe that the experience I brought through with me, has helped me to see how these two elements merge and to understand the full value chain of retail property”.

A small, female-led team, L2D is committed to supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in the property sector and to make a positive impact in the communities in which it operates.  

One example includes its 30% procurement policy in support of black female-owned exempt micro enterprises and qualifying entities whereby it partnered with office solutions company, Akandi Office Furniture, for the office furniture requirements of its new headquarters at the company’s co-owned Nelson Mandela Square and more recently, L2D announced its key sponsorship of the Women’s Property Network Masterclass Series which will target senior female professionals need to accelerate their careers to take on more meaningful positions on the boards of companies within the industry.

It has been a wonderful experience working with our Chief Executive, Amelia Beattie. She is highly regarded in the industry, and she has a wealth of knowledge. I truly value her guidance and her genuine interest in understanding you as an individual and leveraging your strengths. She inspires a growth mindset and always wants you to progress in which ever way possible”.

While some of Sumenthree’s personal highlights include becoming a CFA Charterholder and progressing within L2D, she is also familiar with the different challenges that can arise along the way; from being a new student fresh out of university and finding your place in the working world, to becoming a mother and figuring out the ‘balance’ of a working mom but looking back, she would not change one bit.

I believe these sorts of ups and downs eventually mould you into who you become and everything that I have experienced has brought me to this point in my life but, if I were to look back at a younger Sumenthree, I would tell her that she is a lot stronger than she thinks and that progress is better than perfection. I am very much a perfectionist, which I have been working on to realise that everything does not have to be perfect all the time. Trust your gut and in many cases, this will steer you in the right direction during the moments of unclarity. Do not overthink it”.

While it may seem that there is still a long way to go for female professionals, Sumenthree has noticed an uptick in representation across the industry since starting her own career. “I do believe that females have started to come through the ranks but with anything, it will take time and a conscious effort to make these sorts of interventions and we need to acknowledge the bias and to address this by being accountable”.

While women need confidence, they must have determination, grit, and the resilience to persevere and to achieve their goals. Be confident in your abilities and what you bring to the table, but you also need to have the conviction to follow through on this. At the end of the day, your work will speak for itself”.

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through

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