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Lara Nathan, Pam Golding Properties: the businesswoman behind the TV personality

Lara Nathan, Pam Golding Properties.
Lara Nathan, Pam Golding Properties.

Lara Nathan graced our screens this past June with her cameo role in Listing Jozi.

As part of South Africa’s first property-related reality television show, viewers accompanied Lara in her role as a high-end realty broker as she navigated the complex layout of some of Johannesburg’s most affluent suburbs and luxurious real estate on offer.  

But it is important to get to know the businesswoman behind the TV personality.

After completing her marketing degree in Cape Town and spending a year abroad working for Sky TV in London, Lara returned to South Africa unclear on her next career move until she was offered a position at an independent estate agency. It was not long before Lara realised that her love of people, coupled with her interest for real estate, married well and she was offered a fantastic opportunity with Pam Golding Properties Atlantic Seaboard.

I love working with Pam Golding Properties and I have been part of the team for thirteen years” says Lara. “While I have worked with some of the most exceptional and brilliant people during my career including prominent prominent politicians, sports personalities, and A-list celebrities, I also enjoy working with property developers. Being a part of the design and the planning stage, it is truly spectacular to see someone’s vision become a reality and likewise for individual buyers; the transformation of my clients’ dreams into realities can be breath-taking”.

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, that never sleeps. As with any fast-paced environment, challenges come up all the time. A strategy to sell a R3 million property may not necessarily work for a property listed on the market for R25 million but instead of viewing challenges as problems, Lara remains committed, focused and instead, she views these as opportunities to grow and in doing so, she gains strength, knowledge, and experience.

“I love what I do, and I am continuously developing my skill set through various educational engagements and courses that enable growth. I believe to be a true expert in your field, you need to know your market and your buyers’ needs by following market trends and buying behaviour which changes all the time. By learning, you improve your efficiency as an estate agent – you can never know enough in this industry. A price cannot be placed on experience and there is no better lesson taught than via experience”.

However, Lara’s life is not just about real estate. As a mother of two and a wife, Lara believes that women can do anything they set their minds too – “the women I know and that are in my circle – do not tell them they can’t because they will prove above and beyond that they can”.

My late mother was a working mom who ran left, right, and centre and I felt as though she could be in two places at once. She just made things happen and even though she did not verbally teach me this, I learnt strength and resilience through seeing what she went through”.

In her spare time, Lara has been working on a short children’s story which was inspired by her son who is special needs, and it has recently been accepted by an American publisher who hopes to go to print early next year.

You can be a mother and a working professional – it is all about planning your diary and planning in advance. I colour code my diary and this manages my time brilliantly. If you can plan, you can stay focused and you can do anything. For women, it is about knowing that you are capable of anything if you set your mind to it”.

Listing Jozi presented a great opportunity in that my clients – and viewers – got to know me as the person behind the estate agent. While you need to remain professional in this industry, we all have a story and I have experienced what feels like a lifetime. I am so proud of who I have become and of my career and family. I love meeting new people and that my career allows me to structure my time to accommodate being a mom, a wife, and a property professional. I am so grateful that Listing Jozi afforded everyone the opportunity to see, that in fact, I – and other women – can do both”.

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