Urgent media release: Mall of Thembisa under threat (14.07.2021)

Mall of Thembisa

The Mall of Thembisa in Clayville can confirm it has received reliable intel that it has been marked as a target in the ongoing looting and unrest that is currently taking place in Gauteng.

After coming under significant attack from high calibre, live ammunition throughout the night of Tuesday the 14th of July, the mall was able to repel the threat thanks to the hard work and commitment of the teams on site.

It has however been credibly confirmed that the shopping centre will face more intense and organized attacks tonight, Wednesday the 14th of July.

We are calling on law enforcement agencies, SANDF and government to assist us in protecting the mall at all costs. As an entity that has been instrumental in the creation of more than 4 500 jobs direct jobs for the community it is vital that we receive the assistance needed to protect the mall”.

We would like to thank the community for their efforts in assisting us to date but at this stage we urge the residents of Clayville, Thembisa and surrounds to stay at home for their own safety. We anticipate substantial attacks throughout the night and for the safety or our community and their families we urge them to stay indoors and away from the mall”.