SOKO District re-envisions retail’s story at Rosebank Mall

The SOKO District at Rosebank Mall.
The SOKO District at Rosebank Mall.

The beginning of many SOKO District stories has begun in Hyprop’s Rosebank Mall.

Opening on the 30th of July 2021, the SOKO District seeks to make the like-minded brands they partner with, the heroes in its re-telling of retail.

Some of the brands which will come to life at the very first SOKO District include the locally made, environmentally friendly Nu Nues’ classic baby and toddler wear which features plastic-free, fair trade, natural textiles; Annapatat Kids, a proudly South African baby and toddler clothing label; the Oliver Vagary collection – founded and built on a mutual love of leather shared by husband and wife, comprising of uniquely handcrafted leather products; Rialheim ceramic studio which specialises in shapes and glazing techniques inspired by Africa’s diverse cultures and beauty and Flight, a premium coffee made by champion baristas with pastries and chocolate crafted by master bakers and chocolatiers.

The word ‘soko’ is Swahili for ‘market’ which is traditionally driven by the collective art of buying and selling goods in an open space. SOKO District has created a platform that enables purpose-driven brands to create meaningful connections with their customers through a flexible digital leasing platform without significant financial commitments experienced in the traditional retail environment.

This new approach is what lies at the heart of the brand. It has a deep-rooted desire to encourage customers to experience products first-hand rather than online in a relatable space fostering a sense of community and support but, it is also about offering new brands, which have potential, a space to grow and to breath which they would not be able to do in a traditional retail setup.

Each brand within the district has a completely customizable space which means that shoppes can easily find their favorite stores. From a shop-fitting perspective, nothing goes to waste. Shop branding is carefully recycled into stylish shopping bags after use.

SOKO District is operational under the adjusted level 4 regulations, operating between 09:00am – 18:00pm (Mon – Thurs), 09:00am – 19:00pm (Fri) and 09:00am – 17:00pm (Sat, Sun and public holidays).