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Exciting new partnership helps 1000s of Property Assessment Practitioners


Inspection software company Property Inspect has partnered with training academy SAHITA, providing Property Assessment Practitioners with innovative technology.

Since the first customer signed up to access the unique software in July 2016, Property Inspect with Sales Director, David Hutchison at the helm, has strived to deliver amazingly simple and usable software for property report providers in South Africa.

The software is at the heart of a few linked services that enable the user to create reports that help produce detailed content, utilising custom dictionaries, rapid fire picture capture and easy sharing with customers and clients.

Fully customisable, the Property Inspect system and app provides a springboard platform that enables all types of reports to be developed and used and this is where joining up with a recognised, professional training option comes into play.

With an ever-challenging market and a desperate need for trained home inspectors, Property Inspect recognised the need to form relationships with trained professionals to help deliver reports, assessments, and surveys to both protect the consumer and ensure that standards are being met in the property arena.

SAHITA, a South African building and home inspection training business shares this vision.

HouseCheck, a leading home inspection business which was established in 2008, launched SAHITA in 2012 to provide inspectors with training centred on the South African built environment with a focus on South African building laws, regulations, and national standards.

The vision was to increase consumer protection for home buyers. SAHITA has partnered with various government bodies, together with local banks, to produce an official training curriculum for South African inspectors employed in both the public and private sectors.

SAHITA provides practical hands-on learning designed to equip students with the necessary skills to successfully function as a Home Inspector in South Africa.

However, SAHITA graduates, once equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, lacked suitable South African orientated inspection software. 

Now, a newly created joint venture between Property Inspect and SAHITA has filled this gap. SAHITA has used its many years of experience to design a South African-specific building and home inspection template.

The partnership between a leading property Inspection platform and a high-quality training provider such as SAHITA means students get access to a very efficient and cost-effective solution which can be used by graduates via the web, smartphones, or tablets.

Property Inspect software is being made available to SAHITA graduates at a significant discount rate on their professional package.

SAHITA graduates will be able to brand their inspection reports with their own logos and easily adapt the SAHITA template to suit the needs of their clients. 

SAHITA courses involve both online modules and tests, whilst working at their own pace. Students have a year to complete the course with a recommended one module per month completion target.

Online tests mean that students can complete the course quickly and with multiple choice and open-book options; students can demonstrate competence with a minimum 80 % pass mark.

With restrictions to minimise Covid-19 transmission, submission of a home inspection business plan and an inspection on a house submitted using the Property Inspect reporting system provides the platform for the practical test element of the course. 

And although the pandemic has impacted businesses and sectors across the world, ‘going digital’ has proved to be the life blood of companies to keep operating. Innovation has been just as dramatic as we seek workarounds to our usual forms of information capture at properties.

And if a positive can be gleaned from everything that has happened over the last eighteen months or so is that the current crisis has fast-tracked the use of PropTech in the real estate sector across the globe. Agents, home buyers and movers have been able to keep their essential moving journeys on track despite the restrictions which have eased with the introduction of the Level 3 lockdown. More up to date details can be found by visiting Gov.ZA

David Hutchison says, “Elevating the standards in the inspection industry has always been the goal. The Property Inspect & SAHITA partnership provides the training and software tools needed to be able create employment opportunities and help ‘set the standards”.

John Graham, founder of SAHITA and trainer says: “SAHITA welcomes this opportunity to partner with Property Inspect. It is an important milestone in growing a professional home inspection industry in South Africa.”

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