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New SAIBPP online platform introduces opportunity to innovation

SAIBPP Connect

The South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP) has launched an online platform geared towards transformation, supporting entrepreneurship, and providing the space for established property practitioners to network with smaller developers and entrepreneurs.

SAIBPP Connect is a reinforcement of the SAIBPP’s commitment to changing the pace of transformation in the property industry through focusing on supporting SMMEs by giving them access to a network and the capacity through the database.  

The platform can be accessed once users have created a profile that allows them to reach out to other SAIBPP members including entrepreneurs, developers, and property practitioners. The gap between investors and opportunities is obsolete for anyone who wants to join the platform as they will all be in a single virtual room. This means that there is the possibility for broad networking, market access, substantive transformation, and contribution to B-BBEE rating.

Created as a pioneer in the property industry, the platform fosters communication between different stakeholders in a secure online space. This was envisaged because SMMEs are the largest contributors to the property industry, but the lack of development and growth leaves them vulnerable. With Covid-19, the property sector experienced the devastating result of a lack of resources and a network which creates the perfect opportunity for a platform like SAIBPP Connect – where opportunity meets innovation.

The SAIBPP Connect platform will aid in powering the SAIBPP Enterprise Supplier-Development (ESD) programme which seeks to address the many inefficiencies in current property sector enterprise and supplier development programmes by focussing on market access.

In addition to networking, It will work as an enterprise and supplier-development program” explains, SAIBPP CEO, Vuyiswa Ramokgopa, “it will allow us to channel funding toward Black, small-scale developers while ensuring credible practitioners and professionals in the sector are being profiled and absorbed into supply chains“.

The Enterprise and Supplier Development feature will improve market participation by adding more suppliers to the value chain and creating market-ready enterprises that will take the property sector to new heights.