Win big at this year’s Investor of the Year Awards

Investor of the Year Awards

The South African Property Investors Network (SAPIN) is calling on South African property investors to share their property investment stories by entering the annul Investor of the Year Awards. Cash prizes, vouchers from sponsors and property investment coaching are just a few of the prizes on offer.

Whether you are busy with your first deal or are a veteran property developer, the Investor of the Year Awards are open to all South Africans over the age of eighteen who have invested in property between November 2019 and the cut off date on the 30th of August 2021.

SAPIN’s Investor of the Year Awards attracts property enthusiasts to network and to celebrate those that have been brave, bold, and tenacious in the face of a swiftly evolving property and finance environment.

“The Investor of the Year Awards is all about celebrating success in the dynamic field of property investment, while providing the opportunity to network with like-minded investors and property gurus” says Andrew Walker, CEO, and founder of the South African Property Network.

“We want to encourage and inspire all South Africans to build wealth through property investment, as we have seen just how our members have been able to move from Zero to Hero while assisting others along the way”.

Sponsored by Absa South Africa, Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF), Tile Africa and Preferental, the black-tie Awards will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Sandton on the 18th of November 2021. The third annual Investor of the Year Awards can be attended in person or virtually. There are seven categories of awards, which cater for a range of entries from beginner property owners to professional property practitioners.

“There is a myth that property investing is only for the wealthy; but we have seen investors start with almost nothing … so it really is true that you can create wealth through property investing with the right education and the right network. We want to expose this and encourage all South Africans to take advantage of the opportunities available to them,” explains Walker.

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, we helped a twenty-four-year-old teacher purchase her first property. With the right education from The Property Academy and through the support of our network, this young property enthusiast purchased a property virtually, which has already started earning rental income for her. These opportunities are available to other young South Africans and through the South African Property Investment Network we provide the support and information to help investors make sound property decisions“.

Entries are completed online and the closing date for entries is the 31st of August 2021. Qualifying property deals must be completed between the 1st of November 2019 and the 30th of August 2021. Enter, vote, and attend from home for R247.00 or vote and attend virtually for R97.00. Preliminary judging will take place between the 31st of March and the 30th of August 2021.

The award categories are:

Beginner Investor

A new investor who has had a successful first deal. The winner would have made a profit and leveraged their network to complete their first deal.

Most Growth Investor

An investor who completed more than two deals in the last twelve to eighteen months, an investor who can show growth within their portfolio.

Investor for Change

The investor who not only invests in themselves but also invests in their community. In the end, property investment offers individuals a chance to make a difference, whether it was aiding distressed buyers or uplifting a community.

Innovative Investor

An investor who completed the most creative or innovative deal. The winner would have used a creative strategy or structure to complete a profitable deal.

Big Leagues Investor

An investor who has grown into the commercial or development sector.

Investor of the Year 2021

To win the most prestigious award of the evening, the entrant needs to win one of the categories listed above and will be rated by the judges and audience on the night as the Investor of the Year 2021.

Deal of the Year

Selected from all the deals that entered, the judges will select the best deal presented. Further details announced soon.

Special prizes include a R10 000 cash prize, R5 000 Tile Africa vouchers and a Property Coaching package with the previous winner.

If you are passionate about property and you are ready to showcase your investment journey to a broader audience, then the Investor of the Year Awards is for you! Not only is this an opportunity to win prizes, but you can expand your property portfolio by expanding your knowledge base and your network, while having fun doing it.