City of Cape Town launches online portal for built environment

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The City of Cape Town has launched an online resource portal for the built environment. The resource aims to provide clarity and guidance on the requirements of submitting building plans to the City and to keep the industry informed of the latest trends.

The Development Management Department created the online portal over the past few months. Inclusive of regular newsletters, it is free of charge and available to all professionals and practitioners who subscribe for the service.

Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment says the newsletter will provide guidance on all matters relating to preparing building plan applications, submitting applications as well as guidance on how to complete the required forms and documents.

All of this information is also available on the Build It Right resource portal” she says.

The Build It Right portal is designed to respond to the industry’s needs and to keep all informed parties of the current trends, new regulations, and requirements. Providing a reference library of searchable content, it is easy to access and to understand and it creates a platform for ongoing dialogue between the Department and built professionals.

We have done an analysis of the building plans that were submitted to the City in the recent months to determine what type of information should be available on the resource portal” says Alderman Nieuwoudt.

By taking a closer look, we have identified that some submissions were delayed either because vital information had been omitted or because the application did not comply with the requirements of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act. The purpose of Build It Right is to make it clear to professionals what is needed when they submit building plans for approval and, to do so in a manner that is easy to understand. I think this is a great initiative from the City and that subscribers will gain a lot of value from it.”

The National Building Regulations (NBR) and Standards Act applies to the construction of new buildings, alteration, extension or conversion of existing buildings, the change of use of existing buildings and, the demolition of existing buildings or structures.

The portal features a series interpreting the NBR as well as a series on standard processes and requirements which is a checklist for preparing building plans for submission. The Development Management Department will use this portal from time to time to ask professionals for feedback by responding to questions or surveys ensuring that the content is responsive and relevant.

Those who are interested to subscribe to the portal and newsletter can send an email to

I’m encouraging professionals to subscribe and to please use this portal that has been created to assist the industry with building plan submissions. We will be adding new content every month and will also be sending out regular newsletters to subscribers” concludes Alderman Nieuwoudt.