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Atlantis Green Technology Hub receives the go-ahead

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The City of Cape Town’s Council has unanimously approved the transfer of land in Atlantis to the Atlantis Special Economic Zone Ltd. This milestone decision will lay the foundation for attracting and securing more investment to unlock future employment opportunities in the area.

All parties saw it fit to support the land transfer to initiate the Atlantis Special Economic Zone operations (ASEZ). The general industrial zoned land is valued at R56.5 million and it will form part of the Atlantis Green Technology Hub.

With approval, it is projected that by 2034, this Special Economic Zone will contribute an estimated R15 billion to the provincial economy with thousands of new jobs.

Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management says that this is not just about the smart use of City real estate. It is also about Atlantis residents benefitting from this Special Economic Zone through the community representatives on the Atlantis Special Economic Zone entity board who will guide the skills development and small business development initiatives built into the programme.

This builds on the momentum the City has gradually achieved since 2012, when Atlantis was declared a green technology hub with a fast disposal system adopted to facilitate green manufacturing” he says.

Recognising that a local source is key to the upliftment of Atlantis, the City’s Enterprise and Investment’s Atlantis Investment facilitation project team, together with GreenCape, have focused on developing long-term skills that would be required in the Atlantis area, and worked hard to leverage private sector skills development. The launch in 2018 of the Lesedi Skills Academy in Atlantis is a great example of this.

The approval of the land transaction is a culmination of the City’s efforts as well as our national and provincial counterpart to get us on the path of economic readiness and recovery.

As outlined in the body of the report tabled to Council, in a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Western Cape Government, we will continue to streamline processes for larger investments in the City, including the offering of financial and non-financial incentives” concludes Alderman Vos.