WeWork launches in Cape Town

WeWork 80 Strand Street Cape Town

WeWork has officially launched its third location in South Africa with the General Manager of WeWork South Africa, Stafford Masie, opening its first location in Cape Town.

WeWork continues to build its presence across the country after the success of The Link in Johannesburg – which is fully occupied and hosts large enterprise businesses including Naspers – followed by 155 West Street in Sandton which opened earlier this year.

Stafford Masie, together with the WeWork community team, welcomed guests to the space this morning at an exclusive event before the building welcomes its members on Monday next week.

WeWork 80 Strand Street – located in the heart of Cape Town’s central business hub – challenges the typical expectation of traditional office space by reinventing the way people work through thoughtfully designed space, technology, community and flexibility. With over 600 desks, this new location offers WeWork’s members – who range from small startups to large enterprises – dynamic and comfortable spaces that offer exceptional services that meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of businesses based in South Africa.

Stafford Masie, General Manager WeWork, South Africa says:

We’re thrilled to officially open our first location in Cape Town, the Mother City, which marks our third location on the African continent. It’s been amazing to watch WeWork’s remarkable growth across South Africa, which is thanks to both the demand we’ve seen from our existing members, as well as potential new enterprise members who are moving away from the traditional office model to a more flexible way of working. Having opened a record number of 52 buildings last month globally, we are excited to see what we can achieve in 2020, and as ever, our commitment to providing the best possible member experience and accelerating African innovations, remains top priority.”

Dan Usiskin, Interior Design Manager, WeWork EMEA says:

We’re honoured to mark the launch of our first building in Cape Town. Our team of designers have incorporated the history and beauty of the city into the design of this new space with the use of bespoke artwork that celebrates the city’s culture; not only ensuring our members feel the comfort and familiarity of their hometown but that our members also feel inspired, happy and productive in our spaces. Our use of warm colours, homely furnishings and unique designs can be seen throughout the building with its South African influence; from locally inspired patterns and fabrics to its unique craftsmanship feel. It’s been a real pleasure to explore and embrace the city’s culture, and we are excited for the community here to grow and thrive.”

WeWork’s design playbook combines the overarching global brand aesthetic with a localised twist which,in this case, has been achieved through a playful use of patterns and textures, as well as bespoke furniture created by local vendors who bring their culture to life through their skills. 80 Strand Street is designed with craftsmanship and locality in mind, and this can be seen throughout the building with its custom butterfly joints on dark wood fixtures and South African weave design on the community bar, inspired by the traditional basket of South Africa.

WeWork’s use of unique artwork is consistent throughout all buildings, and 80 Strand Street is no different. WeWork’s team of graphic designers have created a bespoke piece of art that involves South Africa’s beloved ‘Chappies’ framed and mounted in a yellow acrylic box on the wall: this colourful and vibrant piece offsets the richer and deeper tones of the building, paying homage to South Africa’s culture, both old and new.