23rd Annual SACSC Congress encourages retailers to ‘EVOLVE’

Amanda Stops, CEO of SACSC
Amanda Stops, CEO of the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC)

The highly anticipated event in the shopping centre and retail industry is just around the corner. The 23rd South African Council of Shopping Centres’ Annual Congress, kicks off on 16 October 2019, sponsored by Broll Property Group.

Over 500 companies, world class speakers and industry leaders will converge on Cape Town, the Mother City for this years sought after event, aptly themed “EVOLVE.”  Delegates will change the way they view the transforming retail industry after hearing thought provoking and relevant insights from some of the best local and international speakers.

To survive and thrive in this constantly changing world, businesses must realise that evolution is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a necessity. But evolution is not a complete change, it is rather growth from where you were, to where need to be in order to remain relevant.

Consumers are now largely responsible for the current retail transformation. They have the buying power, and they’re getting more defiant. But Amanda Stops, CEO South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) says “This is a good thing! It keeps us on our toes and ensures we keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not.

The Congress provides the perfect platform for those in the Shopping Centre Industry to network, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into where the retail world is headed,” said Amanda Stops, CEO South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC).

More than 1300 delegates will for three days immerse themselves in what they need to do differently. The good news is that there are countless ways to evolve along with industry trends, as the next three days will show.

First in the line up of incredible speakers is author and internationally renowned consumer futurist, Doug Stephens. He paints a bold vision of the future where every aspect of the retail experience as we know it, will be radically transformed. From online to bricks and mortar, the very concept of what stores are, how consumers shop them, and even the core economic model for revenue, will be profoundly reinvented; a great example is how Mobile commerce has become a worldwide phenomenon, customers are now shopping at home, in stores and on the go, no matter where they are in the world. Offering outstanding personalized customer experiences has also become essential. The lines between the online and offline channels are now especially blurred. Today’s shoppers are all about “retailtainment”: shopping is now a leisure activity they truly enjoy.

Jonas Kjellberg, (Co-Creator of Skype, Serial Entrepreneur, Author and Investor) will talk on Social and Creative Innovation: New Business Models for a New Generation. As one of the founding partners of Skype, Jonas was part of one of the Internet’s biggest businesses – a simple, innovative idea that has gone on to revolutionize and disrupt the telecommunications sector He will share what kind of innovative thinking is needed for success and why some good ideas and companies make it while others do not.

Who would have thought that an idea from a 16-year-old boy, living in the rural province of Limpopo would change the lives for 2.5 billion people worldwide who do not have access to clean water. Within six months, Ludwick Marishane devised a formula for this his product DryBath, a gel that does all the work of a bath without the need for water.

It is this type of evolutionary thinking that will engross delegates when Innovation Business Scientist & Thought leader, Headboy Industries Inc Ludwick Marishane outlines how retailers can Thrive in the technological Future.

Ludwick says that the modern human/customer has been evolving for 250 000 years, but they’ve spent less than 500 years of that buying from shopping centres. He will explore what the industry needs to be mindful of in order to evolve in a way that can thrive in the technological future, while also being founded on a uniquely African & humanised context.  

Also in the line-up of speakers are Magnus Lindkvist (Trendspotter and Futurologist), Adrian Maguire (CEO, Fatti) who will challenge Landlords to empower Tenants so that they can assess, monitor and improve the heartbeat of our shopping centres. While Jessica Davies, Senior Disruption Analyst at Nedbank will expand on how emerging technologies are accelerating change across every industry and as such, how companies need to constantly evolve and adapt in this ever-changing environment.

Delegates will be further immersed in how and why they should EVOLVE by speakers Cecilia de Corral (Director of Design /Build Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm), Michael Hinshaw (President, McorpCX), GG Alcock (Founder of  Minanawe Marketing Author KasiNomics, Third World Child),  Corniel van Niekerk (Associate Director, Deloitte Consulting), John Ryan (Stores Editor, Retail Week) David Donde (Founder, Truth Coffee Roasting), Jasper Eales (Creative Director & Co-founder, Sealand Gear) Jeremy Gardiner (Investec Asset Management) and Thebe Ikalafeng (Founder & Chairman, Brand Africa Founder & CEO, Brand Leadership Group).

Malcolm Horne Group CEO, Broll Property Group, and headline sponsor of this years’ SACSC Congress said “At Broll, we see a very close alignment with the theme for this year’s Congress as we pride ourselves on being on the front line of all things progressive in the corporate real estate industry.

We are thrilled to be involved in a Congress that will provide delegates with tangible information that will enable them to transform so that they can enjoy continued brand support,” added Horne. 

Over forty leading companies will also exhibit at the SACSC Congress.

Retail Industry trail blazers, exceptional shopping centre designers and retail marketers will be celebrated and recognised during the Congress at the SACSC Legacy, Retail Design and Development and Footprint Awards respectively.

We look forward to welcoming all the speakers, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to this year’s SACSC Congress.  We extend our sincere thanks to Broll Property Group for their incredible support as headline sponsor for this year’s Congress,” said Stops.

The event takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from October 16 – 18 October 2019.