SENS: Sirius Real Estate – Additional Euro Quotation


Sirius Real Estate has announced its intention to introduce an additional market quote in Euro (the “Euro Quote”) for its existing ordinary shares traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The Euro Quote will exist alongside the company’s existing Sterling market quote on the London Stock Exchange and its Rand quote for shares traded on the JSE.

There will be no changes to the legal form or the nature of the company’s shares nor to the reporting currency of the company’s financial statements which will remain in Euros.

Sirius’ board believes that the addition of the Euro Quote on the London Stock Exchange will provide an additional option for potential investors which may broaden the ownership of the company’s ordinary shares and to enhance their liquidity in the secondary market.

The company has made an application to the London Stock Exchange for admission to trading in Euros on the Premium Segment of its Main Market of 1,009,996,718 shares in issue (including 574,892 held in Treasury). Admission of the Euro Quote is expected to occur with effect from 08:00 am on the 10th of October 2018.

As set out below:

·    the existing ISIN will apply for both the Euro Quote and the Sterling Quote;

·    the existing SEDOL and Ticker will continue to apply for the Sterling Quote;

·    a new SEDOL and Ticker will be introduced for the Euro Quote;

·    there will not be any change to the ISIN, SEDOL or Ticker on the JSE;

All dividends will continue to be declared in Euros and the default currency for dividend payments will remain Euros for shareholders on the UK Share Register and Rands on the South African Share Register.  Dividends will continue to be paid in cash on a semi-annual basis and shareholders on the UK Share Register may also be offered the option to elect for dividends to be paid in Sterling.  Any future offering of scrip dividend alternatives will be unaffected by these changes.