Liberty Two Degrees and Liberty Group investing in Pietermaritzburg solar project

An aerial view of Midlands Mall.
An aerial view of Midlands Mall.

Liberty Two Degrees and partner, Liberty Group Limited have announced their first solar photovoltaic installation at Pietermaritzburg’s Liberty Midlands Mall.

The solar photovoltaic plant is being commissioned on the roof structure of the recently launched 22 000 square meters Phase 3 extension of the mall, with the installation set to begin in September 2018, with completion scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

Brian Unsted, L2D Asset Management Executive for Liberty Midlands Mall comments: “Reducing carbon footprints across our retail portfolio is a priority for L2D. The solar PV project for Liberty Midlands Mall will serve as the first initiative of its kind in our portfolio and will act as a benchmark for future solar plant project roll-outs. Liberty Midlands Mall’s PV plant aligns with L2D’s strategy of investing in renewable energy for improved efficiency and the management of natural resources for the benefit of the environment.”

The solar plant for Liberty Midlands Mall will be a grid tied, roof mounted PV installation made out of premium Mono Crystalline technology comprising 2,900 panels which will supply approximately 1 MW of energy to the mall and is designed and manufactured to last a minimum 25-year lifespan.

Liberty Midlands Mall’s PV installation will be the largest commercial solar plant in the retail industry in Pietermaritzburg. The mall’s expansion will operate mainly on solar energy and be off the grid for most daylight hours.

“We have put in place an effective framework to continually improve our environmental impact, an initiative that remains integral to our commitment to improve our operations”, concludes Unsted.