Growthpoint’s shares begin trading on A2X

Norbert Sasse Growthpoint
Norbert Sasse, CEO of Growthpoint Properties.

Growthpoint shares have begun trading on A2X with the share code ‘GRT’, becoming the first property company and the tenth counter to join the exchange with its secondary listing. The group has retained its primary listing on the JSE.

Group CEO of Growthpoint Properties, Norbert Sasse commented:

By taking up a secondary listing on the A2X platform, Growthpoint is enabling increased choice and encouraging competition aligned with global best practices. We are pleased to play a part in growing and adding efficiency to South Africa’s financial markets.”

Lauren Turner, Head of Investor Relations at Growthpoint added: “We welcome the benefits that a second trading platform in South African offers our existing shareholders, potential investors, and brokers.”

We are delighted to have Growthpoint’s shares available for trade on the A2X platform as of today. Not only is their listing an important milestone for us but an important message of support for free market principals and the benefits that competition creates for the end- investors and the broader industry” concluded A2X CEO, Kevin Brady.