Toshiba and VINCI Construction to explore alternative energy

Alternative energy

Toshiba Energy Solutions and VINCI Construction have announced the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding on exploring opportunities to develop cooperation for the construction of hydro and geothermal plants in Africa, including collaboration on design, engineering, manufacturing and consultancy. 

VINCI Construction, a subsidiary of France’s VINCI, has the capacity to intervene over the entire life cycle of a structure (finance, design, construction maintenance) in eight sectors: buildings, functional structures, transport infrastructure, hydraulic infrastructure, energy, the environment, oil & gas, and mines. The company has had a presence in Africa for over ninety years, and it has carried out projects in over twenty countries.

Toshiba has delivered and installed fifty-six geothermal turbines with a total capacity of 3,628 megawatts in plants around the world, more than any other company. As a global supplier, it accounts for 23%* of installed capacity. The company was also the Japanese pioneer in hydro power equipment development, and to date has supplied over 2,000 hydro-turbines worldwide, with a combined installed capacity of over 59,000 MW.

I’m delighted to announce this cooperation with VINCI Construction, and confident that our strategic cooperation will bring stable and clean energy supply to Africa,” said Toyoaki Fujita, Business Development Executive at Toshiba. “Our established expertise and know-how in hydropower and geothermal power, combined with VINCI Construction’s wealth of global experience in construction, will supply essential generating capacity that will contribute to Africa’s continued economic development.

Africa is maintaining high GDP growth, and demand for power is expected to increase to 632 GW by 2040. Alongside gas power, currently the main power source in Africa, there are growing expectations for renewable energy, including solar power, hydro power, and also geothermal power generation that utilizes the immense geothermal resources centered on the Great Rift Valley.