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Have your say on Sandton’s future development

Sandton Central.
Sandton Central.

Have your say on your vision for the future of Sandton Central and the city of Johannesburg by sharing your passion, insights and ideas.

With the recent approval of Johannesburg’s Spatial Development Framework 2040, the Department of Development Planning and Urban Management began reviewing the boundaries and controls of the urban areas within the city and they have assessed each key node with the aim of guiding and encouraging good urban growth and development. 

The first draft nodal review has been published which outlines the new development zone approach. The document indicates the development guidelines for each of the city’s development zones.

With the review open for its second round of public comment, Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager of Sandton Central Management District says that “this is something that everyone should be interested in and participate in. It lays the foundation for future of our city and decides what development will take place in the different areas of the city for the next two decades and beyond.” 

 Sandton Central is the commercial centre of South Africa which is home to three business improvement districts, providing distinct advantages for property investors, residents, businesses, tourists, employers and employees, creating and sustaining a well-managed and enjoyable environment. 

The purpose of this exercise by the city is to ensure development that is holistic and sustainable. The draft development framework has been crafted for positive social, environmental and economic impacts. It is designed to address inequality and inefficiency in the city. In short, it aims to make the city even more equitable, liveable, resilient, efficient and productive. We are fully in support of this. Everyone should be part of this process to optimise its results” says Elaine. 

The strategic development framework is also a foundation for the private and public sector to work together to develop assets and infrastructure in a way that produces exponential benefits for everyone.

Public comments on the draft nodal review can be made until 30 April 2018