Eco-fashionable refurb for Sandton City’s food court

A view of Sandton City Mall.
A view of Sandton City Mall.

Sandton City’s food court will undergo an eco-fashionable refurbishment.

The shopping centre is known for introducing world-class firsts and unparalleled retail concepts to the South African market. It plans to advance its position this year as Africa’s leading shopping centre by making another move towards a sustainable retail environment through this latest development.

The centre’s fast food area is undergoing a total revamp which commenced in the first week of March, with completion due in November later this year. Some of the facilities will not be accessible during the process but the food court itself will remain operational throughout.

“The investment in the Food Court has been meticulously planned, and was ultimately driven by the strategic desire and vision of continuously introducing and reinventing world-class retail standards at Sandton City. Liberty Two Degrees, as owners, are committed to innovation, and to creating experiential offerings that will differentiate Sandton City from other super regional shopping centres in the country by providing global experiences in South Africa. The food court will unveil a sophisticated and sustainable design, setting it apart from industry norms, and taking fast-food experiences to new levels of comfort, convenience, and appeal” comments Jonathan Sinden, Chief Operating Officer of Liberty Two Degrees. 

“The interior design concept was one that would make Sandton City’s food court unique to many, and was inspired by responding to the way food needs and wants have evolved over the years. The artisanal nature of food today has inspired the look and feel for the new food court, where natural elements such as landscaping, green features, and sustainable design have been included in the concept. This design inspiration is aligned to the idea of ‘artisanal food, green design and the juxtaposition of new and old’ to create a bespoke food district. Natural materials are being used as far as possible, natural and petrified landscaping is an integral part of this design” says Tia Kanakakis, of MDS Architecture on what can be expected from the design.