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Llandudno’s current high property prices continue to rise

Llandudno Beach
A view of Llandudno beach.

Over the last ten years, the value of Llandudno residential property has continued to grow year by year at 6,5% per annum.  As a result, the current average selling price of homes is R16,5 million. This has been achieved despite a recent slowdown in sales over the last year and the countrywide economic recession which has made buyers less willing to move and upgrade.

The extraordinary thing about Llandudno,” says Margie Mackenzie, a founder and a Director of Cape Waterfront Estates “is that despite its house prices regularly outperforming all except a very few other Cape Town upmarket suburbs, e.g. Clifton, it remains relatively unknown and unappreciated.  We often find that upcountry people have never even heard of it.  In every way it merits the overused phrase, ‘a very well-kept secret’.”

Llandudno buyers often look at several other prestigious Cape Peninsula suburbs but eventually opt for Llandudno because of the many factors in its favor.

Topping the list of these factors is its setting and scenic beauty.

It is encircled by mountains and has two pristine beaches.  As most of the homes are on steep terraced hillsides they have glorious panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and, to quote one of the older residents, ‘half the Atlantic Ocean’.  Being west and north facing almost all the homes bask in sunlight year round late into the evening.”

Four other crucial factors have enhanced Llandudno’s appeal and image of this very prestigious suburb. These are:

  • The high level of security. It has only one road entrance and exit point which is guarded round the clock on a 24/7 basis and its crime figures are probably the lowest of any Cape Town suburb;
  • A total lack of commercial buildings such as shops, restaurants and garages – “Although this can be slightly inconvenient, it has enabled Llandudno over the years to retain its peaceful ambiance and this is much appreciated by those who live here.”
  • The proximity between Llandudno and Cape Town’s CBD which can be reached via a relatively uncongested attractive coast road in 20 minutes.  It is also a good jumping off point for the Cape Winelands and other inland tourist attractions;  and
  • The fact that it has only 280 homes.  As its boundaries are those of the Table Mountain National Park further development can never take place here, although rebuilding of existing homes is ongoing.

Prospective buyers would be interested to know that Llandudno offers:

  • Beautiful and sometimes challenging hikes and trail runs in the surrounding Table Mountain National Park;
  • A well patronised tennis and squash club with some extremely proficient players.
  • Sea conditions which suit top ranked surfers, many of whom are also members of the local Llandudno Life Saving Club, a high level performer in local competitions.
  • A health studio and yoga club;
  • A small co-ed primary school for pupils from Grade R to Grade 7; and
  • A small but well attended non-denominational church.

Like certain other high end Cape Town residential suburbs, Llandudno has shown year in, year out that it can plough its own furrow irrespective of economic fluctuations elsewhere in the country.  Today, more than ever, Llandudno has an exclusive upmarket ambience which makes those who live there grateful to be Llandudno residents and reluctant to leave.”

Recent home sale prices in Llandudno”, added Mackenzie, “have ranged from R15,5 million to R70 million and as yet there is no sign of price rises slowing down.”