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Loresho Real Estate Market Prediction Report (Kenya)

Loresho in Kenya is an area known for Kenya’s wealthy, where the government workers, upperclass Kenyans live comfortably in gated communities.

As of Q3 2017 4Bedroom town houses in Loresho have maintained their sale price from Q2 2017 at Ksh 33 Million. They are expected to see a steady growth in sale prices in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 at Ksh 33.2 Million and 33.5 Million respectively.

Land in the area is performing better. The sale price of an acre of land will surge by 13.5% in Q4 2017 meaning sale price of land will be Ksh 79 Million in Q4 and in Q1 2018 an acre of land will be sold at Ksh 89 Million. Investors who had invested in property in the area can expect a annual yield for 2017 of 10.2% with a capital gain of 2.7% and rental yield of 7.5%.

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